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Frequent Ask Questions

All the general questions you may have, has been answered over here. Please go throught these to get a better understanding of our system and its related features and terms.

You can make a payment online, using your credit , debit or net banking. You have option to make payment through cheque/DD drawn in favour of Micro Genetix . You can either send cheque /DD to our address or drop it in any nearby HDFC branch . While making payment through cheque or DD kindly make sure to write our Ac. no. 50200010767447 on the back of the cheque. You can then send us scanned copy of the cheque /DD along with you ACES Registration Number and username for mannual activasion of your account.
There is no way that data will be filled automatically unless your accounting package has the abality to export reports as Excel file. There are report module in various accounting package which are basically pre-set program to fetch data from database. If you have such an accounting package, you can export the data in Excel file and then upload that file with some minmum modification. If you don't have such a package, then you have to enter the data manually. We do not provide any data-entry service.
Right now there is no such system in place so that you can reset your password so you need to write to support to reset it giving your username and ACES Registration No.
Every registered taxable person has to furnish outward supply details in Form GSTR-1 (GST Returns-1) by the 10th of the subsequent month. On the 11th, the visibility of inward supplies is made available to the recipient in the auto-populated GSTR-2A. The period from 11th to 15th will allow for any corrections (additions, modifications and deletion) in Form GSTR-2A and submission in Form GSTR-2 by 15th of the subsequent month.The corrections (addition, modification and deletion) by the recipient in Form GSTR-2 will be made available to supplier in Form GSTR-1A. The supplier has to accept or reject the adjustments made by the recipient. The Form GSTR-1 will be amended according to the extent of correction accepted by supplier. Our system generates a file in JSON format, which needs to be saved for later upload on the GST Portal.
Departmental package has no such system to convert any excel to validated xml file. Error capturing mechanism is also much better that the department. While the returns which are rejected by the department package, does not specify where exactly the errors is located, but our system does that. has the following benifits. With our system you don't have to go through the cumbersome process the return entry as our system will take the data from your excel sheet generate by any package. Our error deletecting and validation system cleanse your data so much that there is practically no chance your return being rejected


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