Now prepair XML for CBEC eFiling just in 2 minutes. Upload your data as an Excel file and get converted to valid XML data, which can be downloaded... Read More

Our system will validate the data before conversion and will help you to rectify them. This will evntually reduce the chance of rejection... Read More

Bulk discount is avilable. For every four company you register with us from your account. get the fifth one abosolutely FREE!!! Read More

DRL, ER1 and ER2 all three type of valid XML can be generated. Just upload the data as Excel file and get the converted XML is just 2 mins... Read More

All you have to do is to upload the required data as an Excel file. This Excel can be exported from your existing Accounting packages, which means no more unnessery data-entry. The only modification you have to do is to match the labels of your Excel file with our specification.

If you accounting pacakage do not have the feature of exporting report as Excel file, you may download our Excel template and enter the data manually.

After uploading, our system will validate the data in the Excel file and then generate an XML file from it, which you can download and submit to your ACES account... Read More is a venture of MicroGenetix.
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